Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dudes With Attitude

You'd swear that was Ol Dirty Bastard in the background with that gold tooth.

So when an NES game has a name like Dudes With Attitude, I'm expecting some "badass-surfer-dude-roaming-the-streets-beating-the-crap-out-of-cops-because he's-a-rebel-and-he-feels-like-it-because-he's-one-bodacious-dude" type of game. Instead, I'm greeted with a bunch of heads with an attitude that Mother Theresa can rival that bounce around blocks trying to collect some gems in some half assed puzzle game.

Can you handle the 'tude, dude?

I'm not sure what the point of the game is, as it took me nearly 10 minutes to figure out how to even access a level from the world map. The world map consists of yellow blocks that I think are supposed to represent spewed crackers on your screen.

There's teeth, a snake, and some spinning thing. All super original enemies.

I actually tried giving this game a chance because I have a lot of work to do and want to put it off, But let me just say that it's actually more tempting to go work on Linear Algebra than to play this game. You're choice of characters consist of a head with sunglasses, a head with a kissy face, a clown head, etc... GNARLY!

Because all clown heads are obviously looking for buried treasure.

Fun Rating: 3/10
It's actually kind of like a coke rush. For the first 2 minutes you're pretty into it (if you ever figure out how to play), but then afterwards, you realize how much of your life you just wasted by doing that.
Running from a swastika, because they obvious that they hate clowns

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