Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Color A Dinosaur

(choosing a dinosaur to color... Look at all those choices!)

If I were a dinosaur and saw this game, I'd be praying for that meteor to wipe out my species. If I was a kid back in 1993 and got the NES game Color A Dinosaur for Christmas, I think I would of opted for the coal or socks. At least I could put the coal inside of the sock and make a sling out of it. Color A Dinosaur is the type of game parents buy their kids when they're trying to get rid of them, as it will surely bore them to death.

(you can choose from polka dot pink, polka dot pink, or polka dot pink!)

The premise of the game is that you have to color a dinosaur... Seems like it can't be too bad of a children's game. However, you have a choice of like 10 (ugly ass) colors, and you don't actually get to color in the dinosaur, the computer does it for you. You click where you want the computer to color, and then it painstakingly slow fills that area with the color you chose. If that wasn't enough, it doesn't even allow the tortured kid to save his picture to show his evil parents.

(I call this: "What life would be like if LSD existed during the Jurassic period.")

Possibly the worst thing about this game is the seizure inducing flashing that happens when you press the 'select button'. After your $1,000 emergency room visit for the seizure, Color A Dinosaur not only robs you of your dignity, but also your wallet.
(Mystery solved: Color A Dinosaur is the reason dinosaurs are extinct).

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